The oldest and largest corncob pipe makers since 1869. Their cobs are grown only for them to exacting specifications. No matter the size, every Missouri Meerschaum corncob pipe has a certain amount of handwork. The larger pipes, from the Country Gentleman on up, are shaped by hand on a lathe with a shaping knife. In fact, as much as fifty percent of the yearly pipe production is completely done by hand. All of the corncob pipes have a plaster of Paris substance rubbed by hand onto their exteriors, and the stems are fitted by hand as well. After proper curing, they are transformed into genuine Missouri Meerschaums. Corncobs provide a sweeter and cooler smoking experience than the meerschaum or briar pipes. Corn and tobacco - you canít get a more true historic American pipe smoking pleasure.

Missouri Meerschaum Corncob Pipes

Morgan Straight Corn Cob Pipe
Short Stop Straight Corncob Pipe
Miniature Mini Natural or Varnished Corncob Pipe
2 Pack Black or Amber Regular Filter Bit Stem for Corncob Pipe - Straight or Bent
2 Pack Amber or Black Danish Filter Bit Stem for Corncob Pipe - Straight or Bent
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