Pipe Repair Service

Pipe Repair Service
High Quality Tobacco Smoking Pipe Repair
American Smoking Pipe Repairs is located in the Beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and offers high quality pipe repair with a quick turn around. With over 20 years experience repairing pipes, my quality and service is second to none!

You Break Them - I Fix Them!
Accidents do happen, parts may wear or crack, no worries I handle all types of repairs! Repairing pipes is my passion and you can feel rest assured I handle each and every repair as if it was very own favorite smoking pipe.

U.S. and International Repairs
Tobacco Pipe Smoking is a passion for many people around the United States and around the World. I work with over 50 tobacco shops across the United States and have many International Customers! My fast turn around and high quality repairs with have you enjoying your favorite smoking pipe again before you know it.

Pipe Repair Information
     - Vulcanite/ Lucite
     - Meerschaum
     - Churchwarden
     - Plugging hole in bowl
     - Cracks in bowls

Frequently I am asked if I have my prices on my web site. It is difficult to post prices because each repair, although similar, has it's own uniqueness with materials, age of pipe, logo's etc. Please, if you have any questions, contact contact me via e-mail at mak11@ptd.net.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Maryann Keller, Owner
American Smoking Pipe Repairs
3224 Evergreen Circle B
Tobyhanna, PA 18466

Frequently Asked Questions on Pipe Repair
Q. Which is more durable, Vulcanite or Lucite?

Q. Can you remove the oxidation from a vulcanite stem?

Q. What does reconditioning consist of you doing?
Reaming, Sterilize, and Polish

Q. Can I replace the tenon?
Yes, if the air hole is drilled on center. Lucite stems work the best to replace tenons

Q. Can you remove clogs in pipe/stems?

Q. Do you band shanks?
A. Yes, with nickel, silver, or gold

Q. The shank broke in half, what can I do?
A. I can splice it back together

Q. Do you do logos?
A. Yes, I have some not all

Q. I want my pipe to look newer, what can be done?
A. Refinish the pipe by removing all scratches and restain it

Q. Do you have BakeLite Stems?
A. No

Q. Do you have twin bores?
A. Yes

Q. Do you replace meerschaum bowl and recork calabash bowls?
A. Yes

Q. Can you fix a hole in the bowl?
Yes, I can also fill cracks in the bowl

Q. Can I convert my metal screw filter to a push pull fitting?
A. Yes

Q. The stem in my Kaywoodie is over turned, can it be made to line up with the shank?
A. Yes

Q. My pipe fits into a box. Can you make the stem fit the box?
A. Yes

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