Anatomy of a Cigar

Anatomy of a Cigar

What makes a cigar so enjoyable and satisfying is that it consists of not one, but three tobacco elements. A simple design, but within each element there is a high degree of complexity and endless variety that determine taste and flavour.

The filler is the heart of the cigar. The filler determines each brand's individual characteristics, including the desired taste and strength of the cigar. It also contributes to the cigar's depth and complexity of flavor. It consists of a mixed bunch of threshed leaves without stems of up to 30 different kinds of tobacco.

The second layer, which holds the filler in place. It is chosen for its strength and burning qualities. It is a supple section of leaf in which the filler is rolled together to form a bunch.

The outer-most leaf and the visible part of the cigar. It must be a single, unblemished leaf for the proper aesthetic appearance. Great care is taken in processing this layer and it is crucial to the cigarís flavor and appearance. It is a narrow strip of the finest tobacco which is spiral-shaped around the bunch.

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