Customer Reviews

"I have purchased two pipes from EA Carey and my experiences have been excellent. The website is easy to use, fast and not complicated. On one order, there was a problem and I had to contact customer service. The CS team responded to my issue and had everything corrected within 24 hours, which was great considering it was over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The products are amazing and get 5 stars and the company also gets 5 stars."
-LD P. of Van Buren, Ohio

"superior vendor as well as excellent selections: value/fast service/shipping."
-William B. of North Charleston, South Carolina

"Important website for anyone who has an EA Carey pipe. The products here are a much more reasonable price than what someone tries to gouge you for on ebay. The new pipes on this website are priced so well there is no need to buy an estate pipe from ebay. The website also sells good quality blends for your pipe as well."
-Christopher G. of Elizabethton, Tennessee

"Excellent value for money."
-Ronald L. of Manchester Lancashire, UK

"I just have to share my pleasure of a new Carey pipe, Special Edition Large Capacity Bowl, item 341K. I've been a Carey pipe smoker for over 40 years and have not had a new pipe since the late 1970s. My wife gave me the new pipe for Christmas. I absolutely love it; best pipe I've ever smoked! I seem to remember that breaking in a new pipe took some time, but not with this one. I'm wondering if pipe making technology has improved over the past 25 years. In any event, my new Carey pipe is great! Thank you."
-Larry D. of Homosassa, Florida

"Great selection and fast delivery."
-Thomas P. of Bartlesville, Oklahoma

"Thank you very much. I will be sure to order more tobacco from EA Carey; your shop is by far the best and fairest merchant in this field."
-Michael M. of Stayton, Oregon

"Thank you for your prompt shipping and wonderful products and prices."
-Debora L. of North Bend, Oregon

"Excellent merchandise and superb customer service. My comments are based on my more than four decades of purchasing pipes and Classic Black tobacco from E.A. Carey (based in my home state of Ohio)."
-Fred S. of Killeen, Texas

"I’ve been a very happy EA Carey customer for a few years now. I have several pipes, but my four EA Carey pipes are my favorites and they’re the only ones I smoke. The Magic inch Papyrate filters make all the difference in the world for a nice even draw on the pipe and a fresher, cooler smoke - never hot and stinging. If I order another pipe in the future, it will undoubtedly always be an EA Carey pipe. I smoke my favorite EA Carey tobacco (Revolution Tabac) in my EA Carey pipes. I seldom change tobaccos for I like the Revolution Tabac the best and I order it, sometimes, bi-monthly in 15 oz quantities! I’m a heavy pipe smoker… I am a member of the free shipping program. These folks at EA Carey are the BEST OF THE BEST! Check them out!"
-John S. of Jamesville, New York

"Bought my first pipe and tobacco from E. A. Carey 40+ years ago. I last bought tobacco products from them last week. From beginning to end they have simply been the best, the greatest bunch of people to deal with that I have known!"
-Tom E. of Marion, Virginia

"I ordered two EA Carey bent briar pipes and have been very pleased with both of them. They smoke dry and cool as advertised."
-John M. of Eugene, Oregon

"EA Carey is where I buy ALL my pipe tobacco products and pipes. Their tobacco choices are many and GREAT! Their pipes naturally filter out dangerous tobacco oils without hurting the wonderful taste of their tobacco. Sometimes I wish they'd have a wider variety of pipes, but that's not a necessity. As long as I'm smoking (and I'm 77 yrs old), I will always buy my tobacco, pipes and tobacco products on line from EA Carey! They're the BEST!"
-John S. of Jamesville, New York

"Excellent! Friendly service."
-Richard S. of Cobble Hill, British Columbia, Canada

"I have always been pleased with your products and the service the E.A. Carey company has provided to me over many years (circa 1991). I look forward to continuing this relationship! Merry Christmas to all!"
-Fred S. of Killeen, Texas

"Long, long time user of Careys - they have the best selection of tobacco - and the only one I trust. The customer service outstanding - sent email that one of the pouches had split and they offered to replace the tobacco that I might have lost - how's that for service!!! Thanks"
-Ron B. of Suffield, Connecticut

"This is an excellent merchant as my ratings illustrate. I have been purchasing their products for many years online and they never disappointed. Customer service is state of the art and products are all top quality. Their shipping is fast and rivals other companies on the net."
-Nicholas M. of North Haven, Connecticut

"E.A. Carey has always been top in service. I have never had a problem."
-Robert R. of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

"EA Carey does me well! I love their Cavendish tobacco mixtures and I have a beautiful EA Carey "magic inch" pipe that I smoke whenever I smoke. Their service is superb! I can always count on them. I order ALL my tobacco products from EA Carey!"
-John S. of Jamesville, New York

"While I detest ordering online, Carey's made is easy and I found the items I wanted quickly. I was also surprised about how quickly they were delivered. Will I buy from them again? You bet I will!"
-John H. of Timonium, Maryland

"EA Carey has excellent prices on their delicious variations and mixtures of excellent pipe tobacco, and their pipes are the very best I've ever smoked."
-John S. of Jamesville, New York

"Very good pipes and service! Good value for pipe smokers. Carey pipes real good value."
-John A. of San Jose, California

"Great place to find what you want the product was quality and the service was great."
-Angie S. of Choudrant, Louisiana

"Excellent service....thrilled with my order!!"
-Cathy L. of Gardendale, Alabama

"I have been a customer for over 30 years and always happy with E.A. Carey's. No one comes close to their excellent products and services."
-Arthur H, Jr. of Patchogue, New York

"My Dad has been ordering from y'all for 30 to 35 yrs. My Dad got me into smoking the pipe couple months ago and has me ordering the pipe tobacco from y'all web site EA Carey's. I love the web site and most of all I love the customer service and the fast shipping. I also love the merchandise. Thank you for everything and as long as I'm smoking the pipe I'm always gonna order from y'all and nowhere else. My Dad and I favorite pipe tobacco is the Black Raspberry Supreme. Thank you you for everything and your great customer service and fast shipping."
-Dominick B. of Colchester, Connecticut

"E.A. Carey has the best customer service I've experienced in a very long time. They are responsive, quick to answer, and quick to let me know anomalies in my order(s). Great job. I stopped smoking a pipe over 30 years ago and recently resumed smoking pipes again. I had absolutely no pipes, equipment, ashtrays, etc., but I remembered how good, smooth, and cool E.A. Carey pipes smoked, so I started from scratch and built my stock of pipes from my favorite brand. Now I'm really enjoying the famous E.A. Carey smoke! Thanks for a great product. I'm so glad I rediscovered the joys of pipe smoking with E.A. Carey products."
-David D. of Durham, North Carolina

"It is always a pleasure to find and do business with a tobacco/cigar/pipe smoke shop. I do not hesitate to recommend E.A. Carey's to my friends."
-Robert B. of Merce, California

"I have had a Carey Magic Inch pipe for more than 40 years. A little battered around the rim, it is still one of my favorites. I buy a new Carey pipe about once a year, just because I love the way they smoke, cool and dry."
-Tony P. of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

"I have dealt with this company for many years. Always reliable and products are top quality!"
-Evan F. of Cumming, Georgia

"Excellent service, great product and delivery was super fast. Very satisfied."
-Eric P. of Oak Hill, New Brunswick, Canada

"I always receive excellent service from E.A. Carey. Their customer service is first rate. They make everything seamless."
-Robert R. of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

"Glad to have found E.A. Carey's Smokeshop. Will be purchasing from them in the future. Pipe tobacco that I purchased was the same good quality as I remember from purchases I had made many years ago."
-Greg F. of Hume, Missouri

"EA Carey offers top-notch merchandise at affordable prices."
-Fred R. of Hensley, Arkansas

"I am a return customer and I have nothing but satisfying experiences with this company! My orders have been complete, on time, and the products purchased have been fresh and safely sent."
-Robert K. of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

"My father was very pleased with the purchase I made for him from E.A. Carey's Smokeshop. The online ordering process was easy to use. A follow-up question to Customer Service was quickly answered to my full satisfaction. An excellent merchant!"
-Karen M. of Mason City, Iowa

"Loved this place for over 30 years"
-Arthur H. of Patchogue, New York

"Have been Carey for decades and they just keep getting better!"
-Ronald B. of Suffield, Connecticut

"Just received my pipe and tobacco. Happy with the service. I will order from Carey's Smokeshop again."
-Nicholas T. of Clarksville, Tennessee

"Great service! Got my pipes clean and that is number one for me. Great place to shop for pipe stuff and good prices, too."
-Scottie R. of Monticello, Kentucky

"Always a great buy here."
-Dawn M. of Houston, Texas

"I am a very long time customer, and they have always had excellent service and fast shipping. Try them out, you will be glad you did."
-Emery S. of San Antonio, Texas

"I recently purchased a non magic inch pipe on clearance sale from EA Carey Smokeshop. Very fast service. Very economical. I ordered my pipe 'online', with no problems. While I did not order any tobacco with this order, I have done so in the past. EA Carey Smokeshop has a wide number of blends that surpass the drug store blends, at a great price."
-Michael B. of Tacoma, Washington

"I received my usual first class service. They have never let me down."
-Robert R. of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

"Being a user of Carey's products for over 40 years I had high expectations. Was not disappointed. Same great products and excellent pricing. Best smoking pipes in the world in my opinion, hands down."
-Darrell N. of Julian, North Carolina

"I've been doing business with EA Carey's for many years now. They have been, throughout this time, probably the most reliable and professional merchant I've done business with by mail order. Good product selection, competitive prices, very high accuracy on fulfilling orders, and responsive customer service on the rare occasions when mistakes happen. Just about the perfect online retail experience every time."
-Bruce M. of East Weymouth, Massachusetts

"A very respectable business with fast response to your orders. I like the store because it has everything a pipe or cigar smoker needs, even offers pipe repairs."
-Norman V. of Coldwater, Michigan

"Very happy with ordering my pipe tobacco online. Everything was"
-Ernest S. of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Order status was well communicated and the products are exactly as described."
-Joseph T. of Hartland, Michigan

"Great products and service combined"
-Rick H. of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

"This is an awesome shop for tobacco products. My husband is a pipe smoker and loves the products from E. A. Carey's Smokeshop. Will be shopping here regularly! I highly recommend this superb seller!!!"
-Hilma S. of Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada

"EA Carey is an online tobacco/smoke shop I have done business with for twenty-five plus years. The in-house pipe, the EA Carey Magic Inch; is in a class by itself. The in-house tobaccos are better than those you could buy at a "Drug/Supermarket-store". They continue to ship to Washington state, which I am thankful for, as a growing number of online smoke shops will not ship to Washington state."
-Michael B. of Tacoma, Washington

"Always a pleasure doing business with E.A. Carey - quality pipes, smooth tasting, slow burning pipe tobacco, and, frequent money saving promotionals. I especially like free shipping in this age of higher tobacco prices."
-Fred S. of Killeen, Texas

"Service is always good."
-Steve S. of Ottumwa, Iowa

"Excellent shipping arrangements - package arrived before projected delivery date. Shipping and handling being a particularly grating thing for me, I will order from these folks again. Excellent Service. On my revisit list and if they perform well again, might achieve permanent bookmark status! Keep it up Carey. We appreciate good service from American suppliers."
-Joseph N. of Hemet, California

"Quality merchandise at a fair price."
-Don J. of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"I have been with E.A. Carey for 15 years or more and I have always been given excellent service. Certainly I would recommend them to anyone."
-Robert R. of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

"Great selection of all products. A fair price on the products. Overall a very pleasant shopping experience!"
-Stephen K. of Blackwater, Missouri

"I appreciate the easy shopping and ordering when dealing with this company. For the most part the pricing is very competitive for the product. Overall I am very satisfied with this company and will continue to shop with them."
-Carl K. of Bass River, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Order processed and facilitated with no delay. Arrived ahead of projected delivery date and in good shape. No problems despite bad weather conditions throughout US (delivery movement) and holiday commercial traffic overflow. Recommended for minimum hassle transactions."
-Joseph N. of Hemet, California

"Not just this order, but all orders from Carey's have been outstanding in all aspects."
-Gloria H. of Raleigh, North Carolina

"A+++ Seller. Fast arrival! Great product for great price!"
-Timothy J. of South Chicago Heights, Illinois

"Very good service & consideration!!!"
-Emory E. of Whitewater, California

"Always has the quality of tobacco and products I am looking for."
-John P. of Chesapeake, Virginia

"Throughout my years (many, many) of experience, E.A. Carey has exhibited excellence in all customer service categories of retail merchandising and product superiority. Carol in customer service has consistently represented E.A. Carey with those superior qualities for which the company is well known."
-Fred S. of Killeen, Texas

"Great way to enjoy a fine smoke!"
-Thomas E. of Moose Creek, Ontario

"I have always been impressed with the level of service that I received from E.A. Carey. They continue to do an outstanding job."
-Robert R. of Hamilton, Ontario

"Fast arrival!! Great Product!!!"
-Timothy J. of South Chicago Heights, Illinois

"Always can depend on Carey's to fulfill orders same day, helpful if I have questions. Appreciate when they have occasional specials for my budget. Will keep reordering and saving $$. Thanks for being there for me as I am disabled and depend on online shopping when I cannot get out to shop locally."
-Judy S. of Monterey, California

"Excellent products, selection, service & delivery."
-Albert K. of Herbert, Saskatchewan

"The only site I could find what I wanted. At an excellent price. Other sites charge way lot for the same item. Saved enough on one item I could afford two of them. Thanks."
-Paul N. of Middlebury, Indiana

"Ordered from this company for 4 yrs. And have told all my friends about them."
-Cindy S. of Avery, Texas

"As always, fast and hassle free transaction and delivery."
-Michael K. of Vero Beach, Florida.

"Great price. Cigars were in great condition. Received the order very quickly. Very satisfied."
-Kathleen L. of Bellmore, New York.

"Impressed with the ease and speed of my order. The next day was at my door."
-Cayetano L. of Orlando, Florida.

"Their pipes are excellent values, and their tobacco is very fairly priced, even if it isn't the most exciting selection. (They are fairly weak on non-aromatic, English style tobaccos. But Americans generally prefer the aromatics anyway.) They are the best source for pipe repairs, bar none. Their business practices are a model for online merchants everywhere: they send receipts immediately, and ship very quickly, usually by return mail. In an ocean of rising prices for dedicated smokers, Carey's is an island of sanity."
-Robert S. of Richmond, Virginia.

"I received another high quality product from the only pipe and tobacco store worthy of my business."
-Fred S. of Killeen, Texas.

"Great selection, very proactive personnel."
-J of Temecula, California.

"Tremendous selection; fast turnaround; good pricing; all in all you won't need another place to get tobacco from."
-Ross M. of Graham, Washington.

"I have been purchasing things from E. A. Carey for over 35 years and the quality of the pipes are super, the prices are great. I own over 20 Magic inch pipes and got rid of all but two of my other brands. 99 percent of the pipe tobacco I smoke is Carey's custom blended tobacco, with my favorite being Full Bodied Black Aromatic."
-Marc S. of Watsontown, Pennsylvania

"Trying to choose a favorite from the sampler pack will be impossible since they are all so much better that what I can get at the local tobacco shop. Consider me a new customer."
-Bill H. of Ottumwa, Iowa

"Very good selection with decent description to assist you with your purchase."
-Errol N. of Lehigh Acres, Florida

"A tobacco store that has all your needs at reasonable prices. I've been doing business with EA Carey for years. No complaints, great company."
-Kenneth P. of North Providence, Rhode Island

"I have always used E.A. Carey's products over the years, my recent return from overseas means like two old friends we will be seeing each a lot."
-Robert B. of St. Louis, Missouri

"The quality of both pipes and tobacco is excellent. The remarkable thing is that the "magic inch" Irish made pipe delivers a cool smoke with absolutely no tongue bite. So too the Sherlock Holmes tobacco is a perfect match as it burns evenly and does not require frequent lighting. I can often go through 2/3 of a bowl without needing a relight. That is amazing. It has an enjoyable flavor and a pleasant natural aroma which is free of additives. I have had far more expensive pipes and tobacco but these recent purchases are the most satisfying in my experience."
-Garry M. of Ontario, California

"I found the Web Site very helpful in making my pipe selection. The entire process from ordering on-line to delivery went as described. I am very pleased with the service and quality received."
-Donna S. of Burbank, California

"My husband enjoys the things he has received so far, still waiting on the tobacco which is what he was really looking forward too! Hope it gets here for Christmas. Overall EA Carey's is a good place to shop! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"
-Mary Lou S. of Fayetteville, Arkansas

"Excellent people who care about the customer and the product they sell. Old-fashioned service and quality products mark with the seller's pride make this place a treat to deal with. Their tobacco is fresh with a capitol "F" and of great quality. One of four tobacco and pipe stores that I deal with in the United States. I highly recommend. Prepare to be wowed."
-Jane S. of Princeton, Missouri

"Excellent service and delivery. Everything delivered on time and in perfect condition!"
-Michael S. of Fort Lee, New Jersey

"Very happy with my purchase which was delivered in a timely fashion."
-Don J. of Mississauga, Ontario

"I really like EA Carey's products and services!"
-Zehavi N. of Flushing, New York

"Always great and thanks."
-Michael M. of New Carlisle, Ohio

"It's easy to order, shipping is fast. No problems with anything at all."
-Peter R. of Ansonia, Connecticut

"Product was as described and shipped fast. Great seller and product!!!"
-Jairo V. of Orlando, Florida

"Carey's Smokeshop always deliver FRESH pipe tobacco or cigars. I am always satisfied on every shipment. The price is the most reasonable of any smoke shop."
-Cipriano Q. of Orlando, Florida

"Carey's has always been particularly prompt in shipping, charging, and responding to customer service requests. I always make specific requests in the comments section and they are consistently honored or an emailed and detailed response is sent when they cannot be. This site has the best prices on Peter Stokkebye's pipe cut tobacco I have found."
-John E. of Fort Collins, Colorado

"I have been a long time customer of E.A. Carey. Service has always been excellent."
-L.E.A. of Highland, Indiana

"Always good prices and fast delivery of all products. I have never been disappointed."
-William B. of Cheektowaga, New York

"E.A.Carey is an excellent company to do business. Their products are excellent. I've been dealing with them for years without problems. They are a very honorable company. Don't hesitate, try them, you will be very satisfied."
-Kenneth P. Sr. of North Providence, Rhode Island

"A really good old company. Easy to order from. Nice choices."
-James M. of Tucson, Arizona

"I am a new customer at E A Carey and totally satisfied with pricing, customer service and an easy to use web site. I recommend it to all my pipe smoking buddies and even to strangers who I meet who smoke pipes or cigars. Simply the best!"
-Robert W. of Calgary, Alberta

"I am very satisfied with Carey's service. Thank you!"
-Victor K. of Saint James, New York

"Comprehensive supply items; great product selection of various items. Interesting and informative articles on pipes, tobaccos and accessories."
-John S. of Greensboro, North Carolina

"I have found my new smoke shop home! Thanks!"
-Dawn M. of Houston, Texas

"Great product--great service"
-Herbert M. of Columbus, Georgia

"Very satisfied with the product I ordered, and their timely service!"
-Ron D. of Mount Olive, Mississippi

"Found out about ea careys thru a friend -- been very happy."
-Paul B. of Temple City, California

"Very prompt and I was delighted with the service. Many thanks."
-Dean H. of Tucson, Arizona

"I love the specials which E.A Careys Smokeshop offers. I attempt to take advantage of the 'deals', as they come along. Great and fast delivery and NO errors regarding my orders. Keep up the good work. Thank you."
-JoAnne E. of Ukiah, California

"This was a great site to work with and navigate. I had no problems when ordering and even overseas, it arrived in short order! Thank you."
-Daniel S. of Ellenton, Florida

"Excellent quality products and extremely fast service. The only drawback is shipping cost, which they can't control."
-Robert S. of Richmond, Virginia

"Great experience - great prices - great turn around time - just great."
-Thomas P. of St Francis, Wisconsin

"I've been an E. A. Carey's customer for over 15 years now and I have found it to be the best source for pipes, pipe tobacco and smoking supplies of all kinds. Quality combined with decent prices make for satisfied repeat customers. I highly recommend Carey's to every smoker, they will quickly become your first choice for all your smoking needs."
-Kenneth J. of Chatsworth, Georgia

"I've been doing business with E.A. Carey for years. It is a great company that offers excellent products at very reasonable prices. Their pipes, tobacco and accessories are all excellent. The customer service is superb. In the past 30 years, I only had to use customer service twice. The people are real down to earth persons. They guarantee their products with no hassles. A very honorable company. Thank you, E.A. Carey."
-Ken P. of Strasburg, Pennsylvania

"Good old company. Been using them for over 25 years. Hope for 25 more!"
-James M. of Tucson, Arizona

"I have been working with them for years and I have never had a problem. They have very good products and the service is Excellent. I wish all companies were this good. Try them. Please keep up the excellent work."
-Emery S. of San Antonio, Texas

"As a long time E. A. Carey customer I can honesty say there is simply no one else that matches E. A. Carey for quality, price and selection. I've never been disappointed by E. A. Carey on any purchase I've made. And delivery is excellent as well. Always fast, and even back-ordered items have never taken long to find their way to me. When ordering from E. A. Carey I'm assured of the best quality, selection, price coupled with fast delivery. You simply cannot ask for more than that from any company."
-Kenneth J. of Chatsworth, Georgia

"Love the pipe. Need to send confirmation email when order is received. Good customer service which promptly addresses concerns. I received my order promptly. Would recommend!"
-Keith L. of Boise, Idaho

"They almost always have exactly what I, a pipe smoker, need, at a fair price. And their delivery speed is second to none."
-Robert S. of Richmond, Virginia

"I have been doing business with E.A. Carey for years. Their products are excellent, the prices are unbeatable. They have an excellent service staff that offers fast and reliable repair, also great people to talk with for information on their products. Excellent company. Thank you E.A. Carey. A+++++"
-Kenneth P. of Strasburg, Pennsylvania

"I found E.A. Carey's Smokeshop on the search engine, I found the website as user friendly as any of the others. I shopped, I ordered they delivered as requested. One thing that I appreciated was the concise packaging that my order came to my rural mail box, saved me a trip to the town post office."
-Michael N. of Mercer, North Dakota

"Good People, Nice Pipes, Good to do Business With"
-Thomas B. of Buffalo, New York

"I have been a Carey regular for almost 40 years. It is the best of the out of state shops. Does a good job of filling orders promptly."
-James M. of Tucson, Arizona

"Very good experience the cigars were great. I will do this again."
-Martin H. of Greeley, Colorado

"Enjoy getting pipe tobacco form you. I've been a member for for awhile. I order about every 6 weeks. I get my order within 5 days."
-Steve S. of Ottumwa, Iowa

"I am a first time customer and my experience shopping at E.A. Carey's Smokeshop was fantastic! They had everything I need to make my online shopping experience a pleasure. Quality products, good prices, excellent shipping options. A real one stop smoke shop. I recommend E.A. Carey's Smokeshop to all of my friends. Good job!"
-Duane A. of Kaneohe, Hawaii

"Product was as described on merchant's website. The product works great and the order arrived two days earlier than promised. I will be making additional orders in the future."
-Robert E. of Ridgecrest, California

"Excellent service, very good selections on pipes. Will do business with them again. And have."
-Terrence C. of Frankfort, Kentucky

"These guys are fantastic. Real solid business going on. Customer support is the best. Couldn't ask for a better buying experience. Thanks!"
-Timothy K. of Concord, North Carolina

"E.A. Carey's is an excellent one-stop-shop for smoking needs. I truly appreciate their broad range of merchandise offerings, and attention to the specialized market of the smoker. They are diligent and thorough. An assuredly positive experience, to have discovered E. A. Carey's."
-James K. of Kentfield, California

"An excellent seller with a wide variety of products."
-Leonard F. of Charleston, South Carolina

"Great service! Very professional and fast transaction. Would purchase again."
-Thomas E. of Middletown, Pennsylvania

"What can I say that has not been already said about these folks over the thirty odd years I know them but they are ones that the world should emulate."
-Robert K. of Antlers, Oklahoma

"E.A. Carey always has what I need. Very good service with fast delivery."
-Robert O. of Westmont, Illinois

"E.A. Carey is a pleasure do do business with. They have never failed to provide quality products, fast shipping and excellent customer service. They have won my loyalty as a customer!"
-Randy B. of Steele, Alabama

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