Friedrich and Heinrich Kapp opened their door for business in Dublin's Grafton street in 1865. Soon they made a name for themselves making and selling quality Meerschaum and briar root pipes. It was not long before Charles Peterson walked into the Kapp brothers' Grafton Street premises armed with a revolutionary pipe and ambitious plans for the future. Kapp and Peterson went on to become Dublin's most fashionable and respected manufacturer of fine smoking pipes and tobacco purveyor.

In 1890 Peterson invented a revolutionary new system to be included on many of the pipes in the range. The Peterson System, as it is still known, allowed surplus tobacco moisture to drain into a specially designed reservoir within the carved briar. Coupled with a patented gradiated stem, the Peterson System provides one of the driest smokes ever. We invite you to select from our range of what, for over a century, has been recognized as a great smoking pipe; Peterson, "the thinking man's pipe."

All Peterson Pipes are guaranteed for 90 days from date of purchase against defects in materials or workmanship, provided the pipe has not been abused in any way.

About Peterson Pipe Mouthpieces:

The Fishtail mouthpiece design is the standard design for most pipes. It is often either a small hole or a flat slit at the end of the mouthpiece that is designed to deliver the smoke directly onto the tongue, with the hope that it gives you a little bit stronger of a taste of the flavors in the tobacco. The external shape of a fishtail mouthpiece is primarily cosmetic, but it does assist in retention of the pipe if it is being held solely by the lips or teeth. The opening in fishtail mouthpieces is available in several sizes in order for the smoker to have options as to how much smoke they can get with each draw.

The P-Lip mouthpiece was originally designed by Charles Peterson in 1865. Peterson designed the mouthpiece as part of his Dry System pipe design. The theory behind the design is that, by directing the smoke toward the roof of the mouth, it gives you a more even distribution of smoke in your mouth and reduces the chances of burning your tongue, which is just one of the issues in the situation commonly referred to as “tongue bite.” Along with Peterson’s Dry System pipe design, the P-Lip mouthpiece is intended to assist in the Dry System process.

Peterson Pipes

The Limited Edition 2023 Holiday Christmas Series of Peterson Pipes
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Peterson Standard System 312 Rusticated Smoking Pipe
Peterson Standard System 305 Smooth Smoking Pipe
Peterson Standard System XL315 Smooth Smoking Pipe
Peterson Standard System XL315 Rusticated Smoking Pipe
Peterson Aran 01 Nickel Mounted Full Bent Smoking Pipe
Peterson Aran 150 Nickel Mounted Bulldog Smoking Pipe
Peterson Aran 106 Nickel Mounted Straight Smoking Pipe
Peterson Aran XL02 Nickel Mounted Full Bent Smoking Pipe
Peterson Donegal Rocky 03 Full Bent Apple Smoking Pipe
Peterson Red Killarney 68 Smooth Full Bent Smoking Pipe
Peterson Dracula 03 Smooth Smoking Pipe
Peterson Dracula X105 Sandblast Smoking Pipe
Peterson Dracula 999 Sandblast Half Bent Rhodesia Pipe
Peterson Dracula SandBlast 221 Tobacco Smoking Pipe
Peterson Dracula 106 Sandblast Smoking Pipe
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