Swift Portable King Size Injector Cigarette Machine

Swift Portable King Size Injector Cigarette Machine

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Light, Plastic, Portable Tobacco Injector Cigarette Machine for Quick, "on-the-go" Rolling! By making your own cigarettes with a rolling machine, a pack of roll your own cigarettes may cost about 5 to 10 times less! The Swift Machine is durable, lightweight and easy to handle with a slip-resistant mat and steady grip design. This ryo cigarette machine makes only king size filtered. Lack of complicated size switches and light plastic design, make this cigarette roller machine affordable and easy to use. Please note: Tobacco, tubes and/or any other supplies are NOT included! (shipping weight 1 lb)

Make your own cigarettes with only few easy steps!

1. Pull the crank arm all the way to the left and fill the tobacco chamber, evenly, starting with the corners.

2. Use the included tobacco tamper (from the tamper slot) to evenly pack the tobacco (do not pack too tight).

3. Slide an empty filtered king size cigarette tube on the nozzle.

4. Carefully pull the crank arm to the right until it stops (do not force). Return crank arm to its starting position.

WARNING: Forcing the machine will cause damage! If the machine gets stuck, stop immediately, thoroughly clean it and start over.
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