Pipe Tobacco Storage

Pipe Tobacco Storage
Serious pipe smokers need good storage space. And the best storage container is not a constant-it varies according to how long it will be before you intend to use the stored pipe tobacco. But before you choose a container, we're going discuss general tobacco storage.

General Storage Tips
-It is best to keep your tobacco sealed in a cool, dark and dry place. Heat and sunlight only dry out tobacco but also cause deterioration of the tobacco, changing the tobacco characteristics and thereby changing the taste. Conversely, too much moisture will cause mold, which causes the tobacco to be unsmokable.

-Do not put pipe tobacco in the refrigerator or a cigar humidor. In a refrigerator, the tobacco, no matter how well-sealed it is, will absorb the flavors of the food within, which will change the taste of the tobacco. In a cigar humidor, where there is too much moisture, the tobacco will absorb the flavor of the cigars, possibly develop mold, and also change the flavor of the humidified cigars.

-Tobacco that has dried out due to time and dry conditions can be rejuvenated or reconditioned. Lay the tobacco on paper and lightly spray water on it. Next mix it together and place it in a sealed container for 24 hours. Despite what you may have heard, never add a slice of apple, orange or any other fruit; this will change the tobacco flavor. And remember to use only water.

When choosing the perfect storage container, consider how long you want to store the tobacco
-For the short term, tobacco pouches come in many different sizes and materials. The most popular ones are pocket-size leather, cloth and plastic with rubber or plastic linings. Tobacco pouches are to be used for a day or so and then refilled. Tobacco stored in a pouch will get broken up throughout the course of the day, so adding more tobacco will let you smoke all the tobacco. Tobacco pouches are only to be used as temporary storage vessels.

-For a few months, use pipe tobacco humidors that include a humidifier to maintain moisture. They are normally 4, 8 or 16 ounces in size and can be made of wood, metal, glass or ceramic, with cork or non-absorbent material inside. Pipe tobacco humidors can store tobacco for months-but again, they must be kept out of the sun and heat.

-For the long term, unopened metal tins and sealed resealable plastic bags seem to last the longest. If you are using ziploc bags, squeeze all the air out before storing. The storage location is the most important element in long term storage; remember to keep the location cool, dark, dry and constant. English and natural-type tobaccos seem to change for the better over time, whereas aromatic tobacco don't fare well to time as they change for the worse. But all tobacco, kept under the above conditions, can remain constant for at least a year.

We offer a variety of Pipe Tobaccos that come in bags, canisters and tins.

We also carry many types of Tobacco Pouches that can also be used to store pipes and accessories.

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