A collection of one of a kind handmade briar pipes from the world famous Erik Nørding of Denmark. These great Danish briars are comfortable and smoke beautifully! Many different finishes highlight this well made line of pipes and no two are alike. Nording was born in Denmark and originally educated in engineering. Pipe carving only began as a hobby but as time went by, he became more interested in it as a profession. During the last 40 years he has built his own business, which produces approximately 50,000 pipes a year. Erik Nording has been called the “Ernest Hemingway of pipes” because he's an avid sportsman and has a huge collection of hunting trophies; everything from a grizzly bear to a tiger shark. As an homage to these animals, Nording releases a Hunter Series every year. Free-hands are given their basic shape on a fraising machine. The stems are all hand cut, though they are made in an assembly line style, thousands at a time, to save production costs. After they are roughed out, freehands are given individual shapes on sanding disks, then finished in a variety of colors and fitted with vulcanite stems. All pipes are handmade in Denmark.
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