Carey's "Magic Inch" System Defined

The "Magic Inch" System has been a Carey's tradition for over 50 years. Hundreds of thousands of these smoking pipes have been sold, beginning with the very first billiard shape back in 1948. Based on the original "Magic Inch" System, the improved modern design provides the coolest and driest smoke ever found in a pipe.

1. Improved Ventilator Action

2. Papyrate

3. The "Magic Inch"

4. The Carey Mouthpiece
Improved Ventilator
Each Carey "Magic Inch" system begins with a scientifically metered amount of air into each puff of smoke. The Carey "Magic Inch" System, with the new Papyrate, controls air better and more accurately...for improved drawing and smokeability!!
The all new Papyrate...the heart of the "Magic Inch" System, features new and improved 2-ply construction. You get improved rigidity for ease of fit and removal. You get extra absorbency for dryer smoking and longer lasting quality between Papyrate changes...made especially for your new Carey pipe.
The "Magic Inch"
The "Magic Inch", unmistakably superior for 38 years, now achieves a new and better level of performance. The outer shell of the Papyrate filters and meters air with 50 micron precision. The "Magic Inch" unique "moisture ports" dissipates moisture, tar, and nicotine into the 2-ply Papyrate, protecting the smoker from unwanted materials. And finally, the unique Carey "Magic Inch" evaporation chamber releases moisture through evaporation during resting periods between smokes. Not a filter, not a standard "push bit"...the unique "Magic Inch"...producing an all new level of smoking quality.
The Carey Mouthpiece
Now you can enjoy new mouthpiece construction for added comfort and durability. Made of Zytel 101, this new mouthpiece has depth of color, outstanding durability, and a bit thickness of only .380 inches. The result is added comfort, outstanding durability and a color that never tarnishes and never needs to be polished.

The "Magic Inch" is an air chamber inserted between the imported briar bowl and the vented mouthpiece. The inch is vented at the top and at the bottom, which allows cool outside air to enter and mix with the warm tobacco smoke inside the "Magic Inch" chamber. As the cool outside air enters the chamber, condensation of the moisture in the smoke occurs. Tobacco tars, oils, and moisture, which normally collect in the stems of old-styled pipes, are squeezed out of the smoke. The residue drops to the bottom of the chamber and is absorbed by the Papyrate sleeve. The Papyrate sleeve spreads the moisture over its entire surface so it is exposed to evaporation by the outside air.

For over 50 years, the "Magic Inch" System has been providing the coolest, driest, most mellow smoke ever found in the world. From its rich tradition and thousands of satisfied customers, this pipe is sure to be your smoking favorite for life.
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