10 Pack of Linse Dual Mode Pipe & Cigar Lighters

10 Pack of Linse Dual Mode Pipe & Cigar Lighters

The Linse Lighter: An Inexpensive Dual Mode Lighter for Pipes and Cigars
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In its first report to pipe and cigar smokers, Carey Research™ explores this inexpensive lighter with features for both pipes and cigars.

The following report is a list of benefits, drawbacks, and a summary of findings.


  1. Easy change from pipes to cigars. Raise the button on the side to change modes. The head pops up and lets the user push the head to the horizontal position for pipe use.
  2. The head extension is 3/8” long and extends into the bowl of a large pipe for improved use when the bowl is less than full.
  3. The lighters are sold with butane in the tank so there is no need to purchase butane with the lighter.
  4. Low Cost: While comparable to the Bic, the Linse lighter can be purchased for as low as $1.99 each in quantities of ten.

The Linse Lighter is a multi-featured lighter at a price that compares favorably to the Bic. Perfect for both pipe smokers & cigar smokers, the low cost of the Linse at $1.99 is an excellent value.

In summary, the features for smokers make the Linse the only lighter you need to smoke pipes and cigars. Can be used as extras or spares, or simply to use and discard as you would a Bic.

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