Decatur Pipe Shield 3 Pack Briar-Fresh, Haze Away & Shine-Brite Cleaning Kit

Decatur Pipe Shield 3 Pack Briar-Fresh, Haze Away & Shine-Brite Cleaning Kit

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Decatur Pipe Shield Briar Fresh Airway Cleaner is designed to help keep your pipes smoking sweet. Briar Fresh is a new and unique formulation for cleaning residue from the inside of the stem, drafthole and chamber. Just dip a regular or bristled pipe cleaner in the solution and run it through the airway to remove built-up tars and gunk. The fresh scent will negate any lingering odors, but quickly disappears. For ease of use, simply insert your pipe cleaner through the hole in the spout cap rather than removing the cap. When you pull the cleaner out, it will help to remove excess solution from the pipe cleaner. Follow with a dry pipe cleaner to remove built up tars. Allow to dry at least a half hour before smoking.

Decatur Pipe Shield Haze-Away Stem Oxidation Remover (Part I) is a compound designed to help remove the light to moderate layer of oxidation that make vulcanite stems look dull and taste bad. It can be used by hand, or even more effectively with a buffer. Apply compound to Vulcanite stem, let compound fully dry and buff with a dry lint free cloth. Repeat if necessary.

Decatur Pipe Shield Shine Brite Stem Polishing Compound (Part II) is a super-fine white polishing compound created to restore the glossy shine appearance to Vulcanite and acrylic stems after the oxidation has been removed. Apply compound to stem, let compound fully dry and buff vigorously with a soft dry lint free cloth, or for best results, use a buffing wheel. Repeat if necessary.

Each bottle is 2 fl oz. Not for internal use. Do not use on wood. Made in the USA. (shipping weight 1 lb)

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