Sizing Charts

Sizing Charts

Bowl & Stem Guides
Use our handy bowl guide at left, and see below to help you select the size of pipe and the thickness of the bit that you require.

Bowl Size Guide
At the end of every pipe description you will see a line that says "Bowl Group...", followed by a letter (A-E). This refers to the size of a pipe's bowl, from smaller to larger heights and widths. The sizes below may vary slightly from the actual product received because of variations in the wood used or differences in manufacturing. The chart is a good representation, though, for judging the differences in size.

Stem Size Guide
Also at the end of each pipe description, you will see the words "Stem Type...", followed by a letter (A, B, D, E). This refers to the way the pipe's stem is tapered to the bit. You'll know whether the stem is thick or thin. Type A is 13/64" wide at the bit, or gradually tapers, Type B is 12/64" wide, also gradually tapered. Type D is 10/64" wide, with a sharper taper, and Type D is 9/64" wide, or sharply tapered at the bit.

Ring Gauge Chart
Every cigar has a shape, but did you know that the cigar diameter influences the flavor and body of a cigar? The smaller the ring gauge, the hotter and harsher the smoke. A larger ring gauge, in the same brand, will produce a cooler, more full-flavored smoke. Ring gauge sizes are based on an ancient system that measures them in 64ths of an inch. Hence, a cigar whose size is listed as 6" x 42 is approximately 6" long and 42/64" (or 21/32") in diameter. To give you a handy guide to cigar diameters, you can use United States coinage and shapes that are relative to each other based on their ring gauge.

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