The brand name Chacom is a combination of the family names Chapuis and Comoy. The factory was founded in Avignon, France in 1825, when the Comoy family started producing pipes there. Henry Comoy moved the production to London and from 1879 onwards he used his family name as a brand for his briar pipes. In 1922, Henry Comoy joined forces with his cousin Chapuis. Together they created the Chacom brand name in 1928. After World War Two, Chacom became leader of the French, Belgian, German, Scandinavian and even the American markets. In 1972, Yves Grenard, Pierre Comoy's second cousin took over the reins of the brand. Chacom remains the leading French brand today due to it's tradition and pipe making expertise.

Buy a Chacom pipe and you'll get a high quality French pipe made from real briar wood. The briar wood used in the Chacom brand is chosen amongst the finest burrs in the Mediterranean Basin. These pieces of rough hewed wood are then cut and oven dried. This initial preparation plays a very important part in creating the taste of the future pipe. Having been sorted, the pieces of wood are dried naturally during 6-month period on racks and are turned over regularly. Following grading, the various stages of manufacture are carried out by master pipe craftsmen.

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