Mac Baren Virginia Flake Pipe Tobacco - 1.75 oz. Tin

Mac Baren Virginia Flake Pipe Tobacco - 1.75 oz. Tin

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Virginia Flake is a tobacco with a unique character that gives unparalleled pleasure. As a flake tobacco, one of its inherent qualities is that it burns slowly and evenly, leaving you with the pleasure of doing nothing, but sitting back and enjoying the flavour experience. Virginia Flake contains what many pipe smokers desire; a slow burning tobacco with a sweet, slightly fruity flavour that also tends to gain approval from others close by.

It is no surprise that Virginia Flake boasts these qualities. The basis for the blend is found in the raw tobaccos from three different continents, carefully selected according to the qualities that each individual tobacco adds to the blend. As the name suggests, the majority of the raw tobaccos used are Virginia. There are many different varieties of Virginia tobacco, but only certain specific Virginias were carefully selected for this blend … for good reason.

The natural sugar content and aromatic substances in the raw tobacco must be 100% harmonised for Virginia Flake to deliver the unique, special experience that can only be found in this blend. To complete the blend, a few different specially selected Burley tobaccos are added. The blend is pressed according to a time-honoured tradition. Flake tobacco is like fine wine: if nature’s raw materials are not allowed sufficient time to develop and mature, the result is less than optimal. That is why the production of flake tobacco is a time consuming and costly process, albeit one that is essential to bringing out its best qualities.

Virginia Flake is exquisite enough to be considered a connoisseurs' tobacco. Smoking a good tobacco is not something reserved for the privileged few. Virginia Flake can be enjoyed by all pipe smokers. This blend is special because we use great care and experience to choose special tobaccos, and craft them into a blend that brings out the best in what nature has already provided. Flake tobacco is not intended for a quick pipe smoke; it has been created for conscious enjoyment. Just the process of correctly filling your pipe with this exquisite tobacco raises your expectations - and Virginia Flake certainly delivers. (shipping weight 1 lb)

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