Medium Cavalier White Genuine Block Turkish Meerschaum Smoking Pipe With Case

Medium Cavalier White Genuine Block Turkish Meerschaum Smoking Pipe With Case

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Hand-carved Turkish Meerschaums are a must for any collector! Meerschaum is a rare, sturdy material mined from the shores and sea-beds of Turkey. Meerschaum is a word of German origin meaning "sea foam." Meerschaum's natural pores filter tobacco tar and allow for a clean, smooth smoke every time. Don't smoke too much though. While Meerschaum is a sturdy substance, over-smoking it can cause irreparable damage. It is best to purchase several pipes to allow them a suitable resting period between smoking. These wonderfully cool and dry smoking pipes are individually crafted by skilled artisans using age-old techniques so no two are exactly alike. Each pipe has an acrylic stem and includes its own individually fitted protective case. 90 day manufacturer's warranty. Turkey.

Basic Care Instructions
-Do not drop or tap the pipe on hard surfaces
-Do not use pipe sweetener
-Do not allow a cake to build inside the bowl
-To clean, always twist off stem clockwise and pull outward - NEVER twist counter-clockwise
-Avoid water - Meerschaum becomes malleable with water
-Only smoke your meerschaum pipe once or twice a day
-When lighting your pipe, keep the flame over your tobacco - Do not burn the rim of your pipe
-Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe out the bowl
-Store your meerschaum in its case or on a pipe rack - Keep it in a cool, dry place

Size Medium
Bowl Height Approximately 2 1/2"
Stem Length Approximately 5 1/2"

Please note: No two are alike so the bowl carve, stem color & case lining color will vary slightly for each & every pipe.

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