Zen 70mm Deluxe Steel Cigarette Roller Rollbox

Zen 70mm Deluxe Steel Cigarette Roller Rollbox

Roll Perfect Incredibly Fast Every Time!
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The rolling box is easy to use and makes a perfect non-filter cigarette every time. This sturdy all metal roller machine works well with any 70mm cigarette rolling papers. You simply fill the pouch with tobacco, insert a paper, slowly close the box and a perfectly rolled cigarette appears in the window. Instructions included. (shipping weight 1 lb)

Rolling Instructions

1. Open the lid and fill the trough of the band with tobacco. For economy and efficiency start by using just enough cigarette tobacco to fill the trough. Too much makes the machine difficult to operate.

2. Moisten the gum on a cigarette rolling paper and place this on the band with the gummed edges uppermost and the lower edge behind the tobacco.

3. Start closing the lid in order to engage the paper in the band and then complete this movement, closing the box with a slow uniform pressure on both sides of the lid. The paper and tobacco will then become perfectly rolled and will appear through the closed lid.

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