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Stanwell Pipe Tobacco 50g Tins

Stanwell Pipe Tobacco 50g Tins

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Created with the spirit of the legendary pipemaker Poul Stanwell, the Stanwell pipe tobaccos meet the expectations of pipe tobacco enthusiasts in more than 25 countries world wide.

Stanwell Melange Pipe Tobacco 50g TinStanwell Melange Pipe Tobacco 50g TinA modern approach to a traditional mixture. Black Cavendish, toasted Burley, Orientals and bright Virginia are gently mixed with apricot and natural sweetness. Soft and mellow with a pleasing aroma and a delicate taste. Tobacco cut: Traditional flake slice cut. 50 gram tin. (shipping weight 1 lb)

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Stanwell Vanilla Pipe Tobacco 50g TinStanwell Vanilla Pipe Tobacco 50g TinA subtle mix of Danish Dark Cavendish, Burley and Virginia enriched with matured Samsun tobacco from Turkey. Vanilla flavours create the soft sweetness and fruity character of the blend. Rich in contrast and with a perfect balance of aroma. 50 gram tin. (shipping weight 1 lb)

7930Regular Price: $9.95TLC Member Price: $7.95

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