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Love your old worn out pipe? Broke your favorite one? Send it to us...we'll repair, restore or completely rejuvenate it for you!

Pipe Repair ServiceThe Monarch Pipe Company in Bristow, Oklahoma has been in business since the 1930s. It became a welcome addition to our company in 1980. Monarch has made over 300,000 Aerosphere and "Magic Inch" pipes, of every material size and shape. Want to replace your "Magic Inch" or Aerosphere stem? Who would be more qualified than us?

Let E.A. Carey repair your pipe or completely recondition it; we'll bring it back to new (subject to condition in which received). Every pipe requires something a little special. Listed below are some of the various special services we can provide that can restore your favorite pipe. For more information call us at 1-800-99BRIAR (1-800-992-7427) and press 2 for Customer Service.

A complete menu of repair services is available for the asking, or call Jo Jennings direct at The Monarch Pipe Co. Her number is 918-367-3217. To have your pipe restored or repaired, choose an option below and send it directly to:

Jo Jennings, General Manager
Monarch Pipe Company
115 East Second Street
Bristow, OK 74010

#1450  Pipe Conversion to "Magic Inch"  $16.50

#1473  Full Pipe Restoration   (Price subject to parts needed)

#1473  Full Pipe Cleaning  $9.00

#1451  Replace "Magic Inch" or Aerosphere® stem  $8.00 (except Lucite Stem is $12.00)

#1452  Replace "Magic Inch" or Aerosphere® Connector Tenon  $8.00

#1460  Replace standard Ebonite Mouthpiece  $10.00

#1462  Replace Rubber Mouthpiece-Sculpted/Freehand  $10.00-15.00

#1463  Replace other Lucite Mouthpiece  $19.00

#1472  Repair broken Shank  $7.00

PAH   Shipping & Handling  $3.95

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