Pure Hemp Unbleached Smoking Rolling Papers
The latest from Pure Hemp. They took the super fine, slow burning, Pure Hemp rolling paper we all know and love and are now offering it in an unbleached version. (shipping weight 0 lbs)

Manufactured in Barcelona Spain, by Miquel Y Costas & Miquel, S.A. (MCM). MCM is one of the world's leading manufacturers of paper and has been manufacturing hemp and other all natural papers since 1879. MCM contracts Hemp production for our Pure Hemp papers annually in Spain and other European countries. Once the hemp is received, the hemp is analysed and is graded to ensure quality. Only the best long fibre material is used to produce Pure Hemp pulp. The different phases on the manufacturing process, from pulp to paper, are automatically controlled by computer to ensure the highest quality product. In addition, the MCM process laboratory regularly controls the quality of the semi-finished and finished product through regular inspection.

Pure Hemp Unbleached Smoking Rolling Papers

Pure Hemp Unbleached Smoking Rolling Papers - Size 1
$1.95, 25/$38.75
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