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Peaches & Creme Pipe Tobacco

Peaches & Creme Pipe TobaccoFlue-cured tobacco meticulously cultivated from the fertile fields of Zimbabwe, Malawi, are delicately blended with sweet processed Black Cavendish and mild Burley tobaccos to produce this singularly superlative blend. The extraordinary taste and aroma of this delectably mild blend are alive with the essence of pure peach flavor. Medium to coarse loose cut.

"While the Peaches & Crème aromatic I enjoy as an all-day blend, very similar to the old Lane John Rolfe mix."
-Michael B. of Tacoma, Washington

Peaches & Creme Pipe Tobacco - 2 oz.Peaches & Creme Pipe Tobacco - 2 oz.(shipping weight 0 lbs)

Peaches & Creme Pipe Tobacco - 7 oz.Peaches & Creme Pipe Tobacco - 7 oz.(shipping weight 1 lb)

Peaches & Creme Pipe Tobacco - 340g/12.0 oz Mega PouchPeaches & Creme Pipe Tobacco - 340g/12.0 oz Mega Pouch(shipping weight 1 lb)

Peaches & Creme Pipe Tobacco - 15 oz.Peaches & Creme Pipe Tobacco - 15 oz.(shipping weight 2 lbs)

Peaches & Creme Pipe Tobacco - 5 lbsPeaches & Creme Pipe Tobacco - 5 lbs(shipping weight 10 lbs)

EA Carey Pipe Tobacco Sample CupEA Carey Pipe Tobacco Sample CupWould you like to try a new tobacco without spending a lot money? Well, now you can. Introducing the EA Carey Pipe Tobacco Sample Cups! Have you thought on occasion that you would like to try a new tobacco blend, but didn't want to buy 2 oz of tobacco only to find out you don’t like it. Now you can sample any of our tobacco blends for as little as $2.49 each. The tobacco samplers contain up to an ounce of tobacco, just enough to fill a standard pipe a few times, depending on the bowl size of your favorite pipe. It's the perfect amount of tobacco to determine whether or not it fits your taste. The tobaccos available are ranked based on our past pipe smokers' purchases so you can start at the top with the most popular and work your way down. We hope you enjoy our new pipe smoking experience. (shipping weight 0 lbs)

01$2.95, 3/$7.95, 6/$14.95Pipe Tobacco Sample Cup: 
EA Carey President's Choice Tobacco SamplerEA Carey President's Choice Tobacco SamplerIn 2014, EA Carey shipped over 5,000 lbs of Carey Pipe Tobacco Blends, mostly in 2 oz, 7 oz and 15 oz packages. All direct to pipe smokers. We offer 32 different blends, but the 3 listed here stand out. These are truly...The Best of the Best. Three 2 oz packages including 1 pouch of each blend. (shipping weight 1 lb)
Classic Black Aromatic - Our most popular blend. Cool smoking and full flavor. Aroma that brings compliments!
Vintage Estate - A fine aromatic blend, somewhat lighter than our Classic Black Aromatic. Pleasing to the most sensitive palate.
Imported Light Vanilla - Originally developed by EA Carey as a "Break-in" tobacco, it has grown as a favorite as light, smooth, aromatic.

Create Your Own Pipe Tobacco SamplerCreate Your Own Pipe Tobacco SamplerTry 5 of our tobacco blends at a great price!
Includes five 2 oz. bags of the tobacco blends of your choosing. (shipping weight 1 lb)

02$34.952 oz Pipe Tobacco Blend #1:  2 oz Pipe Tobacco Blend #2:  2 oz Pipe Tobacco Blend #3:  2 oz Pipe Tobacco Blend #4:  2 oz Pipe Tobacco Blend #5: 
Finest 10 Pipe Tobacco Sampler - 1 oz Bags of 10 BlendsFinest 10 Pipe Tobacco Sampler - 1 oz Bags of 10 BlendsTry some of our popular tobacco blends at a great price! Includes ten 1 oz. bags of each of the following tobacco blends: Champagne, Vintage Estate, Chocolate Delight, Gold Medal, Peaches & Creme, American Pie, Black Raspberry, Berries & Creme, Grand Cru and Black Cherry Supreme. (shipping weight 1 lb)