Mac Baren Pipe Tobacco Tins
When you go exploring in the world of Mac Baren tobaccos, you enter a world full of unfamiliar scents, mysticism and good old-fashioned craftsmanship. Every Mac Baren blend is the result of a special and different recipe - recipes which are such closely guarded secrets that only a very few people know their exact details. And these details, together with our solid craftsmanship, bring out the unique nuances of taste. At Mac Baren Tobacco Company, we have chosen to work with 6 basic criteria for evaluating a tobacco. Each of the 6 criteria are evaluated on a scale from 1 to 5: 1 means a low degree of the evaluation criterion in question and 5 means a high degree of the evaluation criterion in question.

The 6 criteria shown on the Tobacco Guide are:
Strength: The strength is a description of whether the tobacco is mild or strong and whether it is filling or less filling. The strength are always printed on the pouch or tin.

Aromatic Flavour: This criterion tells us whether the tobacco is mildly or highly aromatic when smoked.

Sweet Flavour: This describes the sweetness or dryness of the tobacco when it is smoked.

Aromatic Aroma (before smoking): The aroma given off by the tobacco in the pouch or tin before being smoked - from an aromatic aroma to a natural tobacco aroma.

Room Note (During smoking): Indicates how strongly the tobacco will be noticed in the surroundings when smoked.

Sweet Aroma: Indicates the degree of sweetness in the tobacco before being smoked - from a completely natural tobacco sweetness to a very sweet aroma of the aromatic tobaccos.

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