Comoy's Smoking Pipes
Comoy's has been around for ages, in one form or another, offering briars ranging from simple smokers to revered Ribands. Though both ownership of the Comoy's name and the location where the pipes are made have changed, not to mention finishes, one aspect has continued to remain much the same: shaping. This is a good thing, since a big part of what has always made Comoy's, Comoy's, has been a distinct style of interpreting the classics. Such is the charm of the Comoy's style established decades ago that today there's even something of a niche market for independent artisans in reproducing or reinterpreting old Comoy's designs. Comoy's is a classic brand of pipes that are the target of many pipe collectors worldwide. Today's Comoy's pipes pay homage to their predecessors by staying with traditional shapes and finishes including Comoy's Blue Riband and Pebble Grain pipes, all at surprisingly affordable prices.
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