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Strength 1 Mac Baren Pipe Tobacco

Strength 1 Mac Baren Pipe Tobacco

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3.5 oz. Tin Mixture Modern Danish Blend Pipe Tobacco by Mac Baren3.5 oz. Tin Mixture Modern Danish Blend Pipe Tobacco by Mac BarenMac Baren Mixture came on the market in 1958, since when it has achieved the status of a classic. Mixture was the main source of inspiration for the work that went into developing Mixture Modern. Our tobacco master wished to develop a pipe tobacco with a flavour and aroma akin to Mixture, but which was milder and was cut in line with current trends. Mixture Modern was developed to create a natural, mild way for pipe smokers to make the acquaintance of the Mixture family. Mixture Modern has retained much of the flavour experience that Mixture has imparted to pipe smokers over the last four decades, although as the name indicates Mixture Modern is milder than the original Mixture. Stringent demands were placed not only on the blend of tobacco leaves but also how the tobacco should be cut. One interesting element in Mixture Modern is the blend of the traditional Cavendish and a larger proportion of our new, mild Cavendish. Where the mild Cavendish imparts sweetness and lightness to the blend, the traditional Cavendish adds an intriguing depth. The larger part of the tobacco leaves in Mixture Modern are loose cut, which makes Mixture Modern easy to fill. Mixture Modern also contains Ready Rubbed tobacco, which all else being equal makes the blend burn more slowly. As with Mixture, the taste is one of nuances and the composition of the mild tobaccos makes Mixture Modern a mild, pleasant smoking experience. Others will find the mild, aromatic fragrance, which spreads through the room, agreeable. Mixture Modern is exceptionally easy to fill your pipe and to smoke. (shipping weight 1 lb)

7870 $13.95
3.5 oz. Tin Original Choice Pipe Tobacco by Mac Baren3.5 oz. Tin Original Choice Pipe Tobacco by Mac BarenOriginal Choice is a new pioneering pipe tobacco which will appeal to "novice" pipe smokers and the younger generation. It has a mild, aromatic taste, and the truly remarkable thing about Original Choice is the fact that we have managed to develop a tobacco that does not smart on the tongue. Original Choice is made of specially selected tobaccos. It is a blend of Virginia tobacco from North Carolina and mild, air-dried Burley from Tennessee. One of the suppliers of the Virginia tobacco is Boyette Farm, where the Boyette family has been working since 1797 to produce the best possible Virginia qualities. Their success has been due in part to the warm and dry climate. It is now the fifth generation that has taken its place behind the solid oak writing desk to play roulette with Mother Nature, as the family puts it. Fortunately, thanks to generations of experience , the odds are stacked in favor of the Boyette family. That is why a plug of Original Choice is always a good idea. The packaging is made of an exclusive type or corrugated card, which not only looks good and protects the tobacco but is also completely environment-friendly. It is not every year that Mac Baren Tobacco launches new types of tobacco. That is why we have pulled out all the stops to make full use of our experience and our production of the new blends. That is also why we have managed to make sure that Original Choice does not smart on the tongue. Numerous test smokers have already given Original Choice their approval and have already made it their first choice. (shipping weight 1 lb)

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