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Easy Roller Electric Make-Your-Own Cigarette Making Machine
Easy Roller Electric Make-Your-Own Cigarette Making Machine

Easy Roller Electric Make-Your-Own Cigarette Making Machine

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Neat & Handy, Fast & Easy...A Great Value!
The fast & reliable best electric cigarette rolling machine. Makes a cigarette in seconds, with just the push of a button. New design is convenient & rolls perfect cigarettes from a cigarettes machine. Rolls regular, king size & 100 mm cigarettes. 1 year manufacturer's warranty. (shipping weight 9 lbs)

Ensure that the tobacco is not too moist. Before you start, spread the tobacco out evenly on a table or your rolling tray. Make sure that the tobacco is not too damp. Tobacco from a newly opened package should be removed and allowed to dry out a little to remove moisture. Spread the tobacco out so that it has a loose consistency and does not form lumps.

1. Lift up the clear flip up cover and fit the funnel attachment over it. Fill the funnel with tobacco. We recommend that you start with small quantities of tobacco until you are confident in using the machine. Press the tube holder switch and the support arm under the filling tube will move down. Slide on a filter tube in the pressed position until it touches the filling pipe, then release the button.

2. In the next step set the required tobacco packer with the adjustment knob. This offers five levels; level 1 is for a soft packed cigarette and level 5 the firmest packed cigarette. We recommend that you begin with level 2. You can also adjust the slide speed control. You should experiment with both of these adjustment knobs until you find your optimum setting to suit you. Tobacco packed to loose will cause the tobacco to burn unevenly and to fall out when smoking.

3. Now start the machine by pressing the Start button until the filter tube is filled with tobacco and falls away from the filling pipe. Avoid leaving the machine running after this to prevent excess tobacco flying out of the pipe.

Always clean the machine with a dry cloth - never with water. When you have finished rolling, always let the machine run empty without a filter tube until all tobacco residues is removed from the filling tube. Clean the filling tube and auger screw regularly. Loosen the two screws by the filling tube and slide off the filling pipe from the machine. Clean the inside of the filling tube with the brush provided. Remove any residue from the screw. After cleaning, slide back the filling tube over the auger screw and mount back carefully in place with the two screws.

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