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Casspin Closer Roll Your Own Cigarette Finisher
Casspin Closer Roll Your Own Cigarette Finisher

Casspin Closer Roll Your Own Cigarette Finisher

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Tired of this?????

Here is a really remarkable new device. From the inventive mind of an engineer, the age old problem with tobacco falling out of your sticks when they are in your cigarette case has been solved. It has always been annoying when traveling only to find that as you near the end of your supply of sticks, even in a very good case, one begins to find increasing amounts of loose tobacco in the case, tobacco that should have remained in the stick.

The Casspin Closer is truly an inspired piece of engineering, elegantly simple but incredibly effective. Basically what it does is allow the user to place a filled tube into its opening, push the small button on its side and as the very long lasting 9 volt battery powered motor spins the cup, the end of your stick is formed, looking not unlike the way a shotgun shell is sealed. You can adjust how much closing you want by simply pushing a filled tube a little more aggressively or very gently. And it works every time. Further, it helps to pack the very end of the filled tube (which is usually the softest part of a stick) much more evenly which in turn causes the entire stick to burn with much increased consistency. This was an unintended consequence which turns out to be really useful for those large cut tobacco filled sticks that keep dropping their "cherries". And after a day, there is not on flake of tobacco in your cigarette case, it all is still in the tubes.

The Casspin Closer packs in the loose tobacco filling & rolls the paper edge of a cigarette tube to prevent the tobacco inside from falling out. It also allows the tobacco to expand equally inside of the tube for an even burning high quality smoke. To use the Casspin Closer, leave the last 1/16" of the cigarette tube unfilled by adjusting an injector or tapping excess tobacco out. Press the switch on the Casspin Closer to rotate the spinner and then position the filled tube into the open end. Apply slight pressure against the spinner and repeat as necessary to achieve the desired tip. You will easily develop your own sense of pressure & length of time that your cigarette should remain against the spinning disc. Requires 9 volt battery, not included. 1.25" x 4.5". Made in the USA. (shipping weight 1 lb)

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