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The Duncan Hill AerosphereŽ System

The Duncan Hill AerosphereŽ SystemThe Duncan Hill Aerosphere smoking system (U.S. Pta. #4,275,747) utilizes the same principle of physics as the nanometer. The Aerosphere, visible as the brass pin on the side of the pipe, brings a scientifically measured amount of air into the stem with each puff. All Aerosphere smoking pipes are manufactured in the Carey shops in Bristow, Oklahoma. Each pipe is handmade with over 20 individual manufacturing steps. Every bowl is made from imported Mediterranean Briar, sanded and finished by hand to produce the fine craftsmanship that you see here.

The features of the Aeroshpere are:
1. Carbonized Bowl -
pre-coated with carbon, easy to break-in, no tongue bite
2. Hand Finished - from Mediterranean Briar for long lasting beauty
3. Condensation Chamber - condenses moisture, tar, and nicotine
4. Duravulk II Stem - perfected by Duncan Hill, virtually bite-proof, with maximum bite comfort
5. Flat Bottom - rests upright to keep ashes from spilling out
6. Offset Channel - traps tar, moisture, and nicotine while keeping "gunk" from reaching tongue and mouth
7. Wide, Flat Mouthpiece - for maximum comfort

The control of the amount of air and the velocity of the air produces two effects that result in superior smoking pipe performance:

Duncan Hill Aerosphere is a registered trademark of the E.A. Carey Co. and eacarey.com
The Duncan Hill Aerosphere smoking pipe is an exclusive product of the E.A. Carey Co.